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Humankind cannot bear very much reality;

for the heart is deceitful above all things.

30 January
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This is going to be my primary writing journal. I'm going to be trying a sort of project: one short story/poem/etc. every day for 365 days. It will be started today, October 2nd, 2009 and will end October 2nd, 2010. It is my hope that this will get me writing again, at least casually.

This journal will be friends only just because some of the material may or may not end up being ~questionable. Just comment on the first entry though, and I'll add you.

19th century, activism, addictive personality, aestheticism, agnosticism, agoraphobia, airplanes, alan rickman, alexi murdoch, aquariums, archery, austria, bad jokes, beethoven, being gay, being yourself, bendy straws, black tea, bosie, bowling, boy george, boys, brian kinney, candles, canvas, cello, chai, cmef, colors, converse, cooking, cupcakes, dancing badly, danrad, darren criss, design, dextrophobia, dostoevsky, driving, driving at dangerous speeds, edinburgh, elton john's sunglasses, empty notebooks, english literature, family, fanfiction, fashion, france, french, gale harold, gary oldman, gay rights, gender bending, gender issues, genderqueer, germany, good grammar, good wit, greece, greek food, harry potter, heart-pounding love, house m.d., hugh laurie, i'm a mac, idiots, ima robot, inside jokes, insomnia, intellect, internet, ipod, japan, joe orton, jonathan safran foer, kakorrhaphiophobia, kayaking, ken halliwell, key west, kittens, lady gaga, learning, lemonade, loud music, mary shelley, middle of the night, mix tapes, monaco, myself, new york city, oscar wilde, parades, paris, pencils, phoenix, photography, photos, piano, piercings, planetariums, pocky, post-its, prague, pride, project runway, punctuation, queer as folk, rain, randy harrison, roadtrips, rocky horror picture show, romance, russia, scarves, scotland, seattle, severus snape, shantih, sharpies, shoes, slash, social anxiety, solitude, straight edge, summer, suspenders, swearing, t.s. eliot, talking, tattoos, texting, the goo goo dolls, the killers, the sims 3, the wasteland, ties, tim burton, tolstoy, toulouse, tourette's, travel, tuxedos, typewriters, used books, vienna, waistcoats, walking, writer's block, writing,